DM Manganese Foundry

Located in Jiangxi Province, DM was commissioned in 2013 to manufacture manganese crusher liners exclusively for QSTEEL.

In 2014 QSTEEL purchased a majority shareholding in the foundry and, as part of the equity buy in, assumed design and management responsibility for all things process related.

Today DM has expanded capacity to 7000 tonnes per annum and has the infrastructure in place to incrementally increase capacity within a reasonably short time frame. Pouring capacity is 9000 kilograms finished product.

DM boasts an experienced foundry management team and meets full government and environment compliance.

QSTEEL has developed an encompassing Total Quality Assurance System which starts with the procurement of all raw materials and finishes with independent inspection and containerising of goods for shipping worldwide.

Stringent quality control measures are in place at the foundry and meticulous process and mechanical testing records are retained including;

 Casting simulation
 Pouring temperature
 Heat treatment
 Microstructure analysis
 Tensile, elongation, hardness, impact test results





YR New Materials and Foundry

YR is a specialized foundry that designs and manufactures wear resistant products and wear packages using a range of alloys that include high chrome, medium chrome, martensitic, ni-hard, chrome moly and ceramic reinforcement materials. Products can be manufactured include homogenous, bi-metal and composite technologies.

Guangzhou WearGuards Equipment (WearGuards)

WearGuards is a specialized procurement, engineering, quality control and logistics service company that connects buyers with manufacturers of crushing equipment and consumable parts.

WearGuards has a 3000m2 inspection, testing and logistics facility in Guangzhou where all products are first delivered for independent inspection and testing before being containerised for shipping to different parts of the world.

WearGuards offers the following services; 

 Quality assurance and process control at the manufacturing facility
 Drafting and design
 Casting simulation
 Independent inspection and testing, including reviewing manufacturers documentation
 Repairs, painting and labelling
 Licensed export and import services
 Storage, lifting, container loading and trucking

WearGuards employs 41 people and processes in excess of 6000 individual liners each year.


QSTEEL Material Research and Development Centre (QMRD)

To stay abreast of the latest wear technologies, QSTEEL established a Materials Research and Development facility in 2015. This facility operates within the YR Foundry facility and works closely with the testing laboratories at DM Foundry and the WearGuards QC centre in Guangzhou.

The primary focus of the R&D centre is to optimise the performance of the range of alloys produced by QSTEEL foundries. All aspects of casting are explored, from chemistry and pouring temperatures right through to the heat treatment process. Key testing and lab equipment includes;

 Electron microscope
 Electron microprobe
 Abrasion testing apparatus
 Impact testing apparatus
 Tensile testing apparatus
 Micro hardness instrument
 Experimental heat treatment oven
 Casting simulation software