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QSTEEL Foundry Group was first incorporated in China in 2009 by founder and current Managing Director, Shaun Lou.  At that time QSTEEL provided a specialized procurement and independent Quality Control service for a number of customers that later included the largest manganese crusher liner dealers in the USA and Europe.

In 2014 a decision was made to transition to a manufacturing company and subsequently QSTEEL took controlling equity in DM Manganese Foundry (DM), a small foundry located in Jiangxi Province.  Today, DM has capacity to produce around 7000 tonnes per annum of premium grade manganese castings with the infrastructure in place to increase capacity at short notice.

Further investment followed and QSTEEL Foundry Group now holds three companies, a manganese foundry (DM), a specialized white iron foundry (YR) and Guangzhou WearGuards Equipment Co, an independent quality control, logistics and export company.  QSTEEL has also invested in a materials research and development facility which operates in conjunction with YR Foundry.  The primary focus of the R&D centre is to optimise the performance of the range of alloys produced by QSTEEL foundries.